When you’re house hunting, it isn’t always easy to recognize your own dream home within another person’s style. I will help you envision the possibilities. I can also arrange for an inspection to clarify if the imaginable is actually possible, and then estimate the renovation costs so you can make an informed bid.

If you’re selling, I’ll recommend what should be renovated, repaired, or just left alone. I’ll also help you find a broker, then arrange for staging, furniture storage, moving services, and all the other checklist items that can make selling a home too much work.

  • Accompanying clients to open houses and broker appointments
  • Arranging for and interpreting inspection services
  • Brainstorming renovation ideas
  • Hiring a broker
  • Determining what to fix and what to leave as is, then hiring pros to do the work
  • Selling items or moving them into storage
  • Hiring movers and supervising a move