Work with me before you start your renovation. I’ll help you estimate the cost of your project. Then I’ll seek out architects and contractors who are right for your job, solicit and read bids, and help you decide who to hire—and what price is right.

I’ll be your eyes and ears on the jobsite, meeting with the pros and keeping tabs on quality control and budget outlays. I’ll also deal with utilities, wait for deliveries, translate arcane board rules and landmarks regulations, and make sure you can get through your remodel without having to make it your full-time job.

  • Preparing a budget for the project
  • Supervising work
  • Conducting regular site visits, with reports
  • Sourcing architects, contractors, engineers, etc.
  • Reviewing bids and advising on hiring
  • Interpreting coop and condo rules before renovations
  • Preparing packages for board approval
  • Researching house or building history
  • Sourcing period appropriate architectural details
  • Working on Landmarks applications
  • Arranging for meetings with utility service