You're ready to remodel your home, but where do you start? I'll help you sketch out a plan, budget what you can afford, and hire the best pros to do the right job. Then I'll monitor the project from start to finish to deal with issues as they come up and make sure it gets done right. 

Buying & Selling

I can help you see the possibilities in a potential purchase, and then estimate the renovation costs so you can make an informed bid. If you’re selling, I’ll recommend what should be renovated, repaired, or just left alone before you put your home on the market.

Even a perfectly renovated home will require regular maintenance. Whether you plan on living in your new home, or you want to rent it out, I will be on call to schedule repairs, manage maintenance crews, deal with emergencies, and coordinate with renters. 

New homeowners often look to brokers for advice on renovations. I will help you imagine a listing's potential and then figure out how much to add to the price. I will also work with your clients in planning out and managing their renovations, before and after the sale.

“Alex was a great buffer between me as the owner and the various contractors. I admired her vision—and her understanding of what’s necessary to go from vision to reality.”
— C.L.
Having seen the mistakes that people make in undertaking a renovation, she prepared us for what was to come. Her organizational skills and brutal efficiency made the process a lot smoother. Hiring Alex to supervise and coordinate the renovation helped us sleep at night.
— L.C.