“Hiring Alex helped us sleep at night.”

We were dreading the task of renovating our newly purchased co-op in Queens. Alex put together a plan and organized our search for contractors, then coordinated their work. Having seen the mistakes that people make in undertaking a renovation, she prepared us for what was to come. Her organizational skills and brutal efficiency made the process a lot smoother than my wife and I imagined. Hearing about nightmares others endured made us anxious.

Hiring Alex to supervise and coordinate the renovation helped us sleep at night. Happily our project finished on time and within our budget. You expect problems undertaking a renovation but regular people don't know what those problems are ahead of time. Alex identified and dealt with those things before they could become costly obstacles. We actually lived our lives and slept because Alex is a good natured professional. She made ours and our contractors and vendors interactions genial and smooth.

— L.C.

“She's a great buffer between the owner and the various contractors”

I was living out of the country, and I knew that the work was going to entail a lot of paperwork and follow-up with community boards, preservationists and surly neighbors because the house is in a historic district. I hired Alex to manage the project in my absence, because she had once been my tenant, and I admired her vision—and her understanding of what's necessary to go from vision to reality. She thinks in steps and is able to convey those steps to others in logical terms.

She's also a great buffer between the owner and the various contractors. She has a non-confrontational style, but they got it quickly that she meant business. Even if the homeowner is available on site, all the trades are much more responsive and I think honest when they know that someone who understands their work is evaluating them. 

— C.L.